Las Vegas, NV
17 Oct 2021

24-Hour On-Travel Support, Coordination, and Monitoring (On-Travel Active Care)

While traveling, a client’s executive protection team is focusing on tasks at hand, mitigating disruptions as they arise, and are constantly identifying and evaluating potential threats. Due to time restraints, finding an opportunity to identify and evaluate threats through news aggregators, subscriptions, and online news and social media is nearly impossible. That is why while traveling ESOC can assist clients by offering on-travel support, coordination, and monitoring.

ESOC analyst will be available 24-hours to support and coordinate travel logistics such as hotel bookings, arranging transportation, flight bookings, itinerary management, event bookings, reservations, and any unanticipated support that may be necessary.

While on travel analysts will also monitor for potential travel disruptions via news aggregators, social media, and third-party open-source intelligence software. Any threats or potential sources for disruption will be assessed and executive protection teams, or the client, will be notified an ESOC Alert.

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