Las Vegas, NV
06 Dec 2023

About ESOC

A single call to the ESOC initiates a host of executive support, technology, and/or emergency services throughout North America and across the globe. ESOC utilizes dozens of expertly selected resources that are vetted and developed to give clients a fully integrated control center, secure concierge, and Travel Risk Management service engaged 24-hours a day. Because we leverage diversified intelligence sources and tools, we are constantly monitoring, evaluating, and adding progressive capabilities. This ensures ESOC customers have access to and receive the very best consolidated options available – through a single point of contact with expertise and experience in meeting the needs of discerning clients.

ESOC excels in the following seven areas:

• Travel Risk Assessments, Intelligence, & Planning
• Executive Staff & Security Team Resource Center
• Protective Intelligence & Person-of-Interest (POI) Management
• Foreign Trip Monitoring, Support, & Alerts
• Primary or Alternate Security Operations Center (SOC)
• Due Diligence & Intelligence Reporting
• Travel Security Program Support & Contingency Response

ESOC’s physical site and service center is secured within a special access-controlled, firewalled, and data protected facility based in Las Vegas, NV. This location boasts a year-round climate and conditions free of natural disasters that are the most conducive to secure site continuity in the United States. The ESOC operations center offers access to multiple live data streams and workstations with the ability to provide 24/7 client support via the most secure methods and privacy measures.

ESOC pricing options are flexible. Services can be provided by the hour for specific projects or at discounted rates through a monthly subscription. Three tiers of monthly subscriptions are offered based on estimated ESOC use and client needs. Costs for one-time service requests are quoted for each engagement based on standard pricing. Clients with ongoing needs are provided a Custom Service Plan Proposal for a monthly rate that includes a tailored scope of work and additional benefits. The ESOC team works closely with clients to fine-tune service plans that meet budget and performance expectations. Contact us for an ESOC client demo or custom pricing information.