Las Vegas, NV
21 Oct 2021

Adam Tuer

Senior Analyst

Adam Tuer is an accomplished analyst and business professional specializing in protective intelligence and travel risk management. After graduating from the University of Ottawa in 2013 he gained extensive experience in Southeast Asia working for regional risk management companies. There he gained practical knowledge and instruction in travel risk management, investigations, protective intelligence, and operational security solutions.  

In addition to security-related assignments, he assumed responsibilities including business development, project coordination, and key account management. In 2016, Adam played a vital role in implementing the first international-standard Cash in Transit service in Myanmar. The role required extensive coordination with security technology experts, global security firms, and local security experts.

By 2018 Adam became regional manager responsible for overseeing daily operations, the company’s global alerting platform, open-source intelligence program, and coordinating a diverse team of multinationals spanning from India to Papua New Guinea. By the time Adam joined PFC he had developed an extensive network of regional security experts and human intelligence resources. Adam uses his skillset and experience to develop ESOC products and services and deliver client-specific solutions.

Outside of his role as Senior Analyst, Adam achieved a Master of Science degree in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management from the University of Leicester in July 2020. Since joining PFC Group of Companies Adam has completed PFC Training courses including Protective Security Operations Certification, Covert Operations & Protective Surveillance, and Trauma Care and Immediate Response. He was awarded the PFC Employee of the Quarter in 2019.

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