Enhancing Corporate Integrity


Today's world is challenging your business environment with social, political, and criminal threats, unheard of five years ago. Forward-thinking leadership will find that adding external investigation resources is essential to reassure stakeholders that the organization is proactive and resilient.


Hiring an outside investigations agency can greatly benefit a company when internal issues arise. External investigators can give businesses the advantage of maintaining and upholding integrity and security.

1. Objectivity and Impartiality

External investigators bring a neutral perspective, reducing the risk of bias or conflicts of interest. This impartiality enhances the credibility of their findings among employees, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies.

2. Expertise and Experience

Professional investigators possess specialized skills and experience to address complex issues such as fraud, misconduct, and compliance violations. Their expertise in the latest investigative techniques and legal requirements ensures comprehensive and legally sound investigations.

Confidentiality and Discretion

Maintaining confidentiality is crucial for protecting the company's reputation and the individuals involved. External agencies manage sensitive matters discreetly, preventing leaks and mitigating damage to employee morale and public image.

Effciency and Focus

External investigators can focus entirely on the investigation, ensuring its quick and efficient completion. This allows the company to tackle and resolve any issues that arise promptly.

Resource Allocation

By enlisting an external investigations agency, a company can direct its internal resources toward ongoing operations instead of diverting sta  to conduct investigations.

Credibility and Compliance

Reports from external investigations hold greater credibility with regulatory authorities, legal entities, and stakeholders. Ensuring compliance with industry standards and legal requirements shields the company from legal consequences and regulatory penalties.

Risk Management

Professional investigators identify potential risks and offer recommendations to prevent future issues, improving overall risk management. They help develop or refine policies and procedures to avoid recurrence.

Support During Legal Proceedings

In the event of legal proceedings, external agencies can provide expert testimony and documentation to support the company’s defense. Professional reports serve as critical evidence in courtrooms or regulatory hearings.

Employee Trust and Morale

Employees are inclined to place greater trust in an investigation conducted by an external party, believing them to be fair and unbiased. This trust has the potential to boost morale and foster a culture of transparency and accountability.


With PFC’s renowned global reputation and extensive expertise as a comprehensive security provider, your business gains the power to address all nine key aspects mentioned earlier. Our specialization encompasses tackling internal theft, harassment, fraud, ethics violations, and more. Our investigations guarantee thoroughness, independence, and professionalism, which are crucial for resolving sensitive matters in compliance with Federal and State laws.


At PFC, our team emphasizes both thoroughness and timeliness, utilizing a multi-layered approach of corroboration, advanced investigative methods, and prompt updates to guarantee accurate and current information. Our extensive array of investigative services is led by a team of highly experienced security investigators and analysts. With backgrounds spanning from FBI Agents and Military Intelligence Operators to interagency Law Enforcement investigators, we deliver unparalleled service and expertise.


Combining human expertise and cutting-edge technology, PFC Investigations offers reliable and legally defensible results, including polygraph examinations administered by highly decorated former FBI examiners.


Our background investigations encompass a global scope, examining criminal and civil databases, employment and residential history, reputational checks, and more, ensuring comprehensive due diligence for our clients.


We prioritize client confidentiality and transparency, providing real-time updates and maintaining strict privacy protocols throughout the investigative process.


James Stern is a retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent known for his pivotal role in investigating the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. He has also served as an FBI SWAT Team Member, a Polygraph Examiner, and an Undercover Agent. He has received executive management training from the FBI and has contributed a wealth of experience to various aspects of law enforcement.

James served as a Las Vegas Casino Security Chief, where he excelled in internal and external investigations, threat assessment, protection, and cybersecurity. With his expertise as a seasoned polygraph examiner and executive security specialist, he is well-versed in employment investigations and safety regulations. James also previously held a significant role in U.S. Army Intelligence as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Army Intelligence.

James holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of Southern California. He has demonstrated his capabilities by designing, deploying, and leading integrated, enterprise-level security strategies for a global resort hotel and casino. His proactive approach and extensive expertise in physical and cyber security, crisis management, governance, risk mitigation, and business continuity define his senior executive profile.

With a background spanning the U.S. military, federal law enforcement, and corporate/private sectors, James brings decades of progressive and critical experience. He is recognized for managing strategic security programs to safeguard employees, facilities, assets, and business reputation. Known for effective interdepartmental and cross-functional collaboration, his professional demeanor and polished communication skills extend to both English and Japanese.

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