Great executive protection teams operate knowing that ease of travel, well-planned itineraries, and mitigating unwelcomed surprises equates to a safer environment for their client.

It is easier said than done to ensure everything goes smoothly and according to plan when busy schedules, new places, and changes come up. Protective agents need to be the best at communication, professionalism, planning, and most importantly protection from seen and unseen threats.

That is why PFC Safeguards created the ESOC team. Every great security detail should have a support team so they can focus on the most important task of managing a team of agents and ensuring the safety and security of the client. The ESOC is more than just a security operations center (SOC). While our protective intelligence and know-how of how security details operate are top-quality, we are also a concierge team.

Excellence in booking, planning, and triple-checking itinerary items is what separates the ESOC from other SOCs. Our analysts recognize that service and security go hand in hand, and strives to provide that to every one of our clients. Each client is unique and will have unique requests, that is why tailored solutions are embedded in the ESOC DNA. Our analysts will provide the necessary solutions needed for obstacles faced in daily operations and to help ensure smooth, safe travel.