Las Vegas, NV
17 Oct 2021

Executive Protection, Protective Surveillance, and Counter Surveillance Agents 

In addition to professional drivers, ESOC employs a wide variety of specialists to assist you with your travels depending on the threat level expected. Our vetted agents come from varying backgrounds related to the security industry, most with prior military or law enforcement experience. Each agent will be assigned based on their strengths and capabilities. Executive Protection agents for close protection of the client are required to have military or law enforcement experience in addition to completing a 5-day minimum certification course. Our agents are trained to blend in with their surroundings in order to provide the client with the least amount of intrusion into their daily life while delivering the most amount of security possible.

Surveillance agents are available to support executive protection agents or as a standalone option. Using a wide variety of training and equipment, surveillance agents can be activated prior to the client’s arrival in order to ensure that no threats are in place while giving up to date intelligence to our teams. The goal of the surveillance agent is to act as a buffer and early warning so that threats can be managed prior to any action.    

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