In the executive protection industry, both the client and a field of constantly changing variables dictate the planning and tools necessary to execute a successful security detail. As with any profession, the journeyman without the right tools loses time, efficiency and effectiveness while they should be focused on essential tasks. Professionals in every industry experience this, and in executive protection, EP teams often do not have the time to assess the numerous and often similar technology solutions to help protect their clients. In some cases, identifying, testing, and implementing the right solutions can be almost impossible under their day-to-day time restraints and operational tempo, especially in a market that is saturated with different software and analytical products.
To assist, PFC Safeguards Executive Security Operations Concierge (ESOC) was established with the goal to support highly active and task laden executive protection teams and to help them wade through the sea of options and products to offer a single point solution. In addition to the executive protection services and support offered by PFC Safeguards, the dedicated ESOC center can provide several layers of security support through protective intelligence, person of interest (POI) management, and both pretravel and on-travel risk management intelligence, as well as operational solutions.

By outsourcing these support services to ESOC, executive protection teams can request itinerary/client-specific pretravel risk assessments, investigative support, and leverage the latest POI management technology. While these are some of the cornerstones of ESOC, the adaptability of ESOC is also a hallmark of the ESOC service model. Every principal and EP/security operation is unique, and that is why ESOC’s technology and security solutions are tailor-suited, and even developed, to deliver the specific services needed for specific clients and their security programs. It is often the case that there is a balancing act and trade-offs between time, security, and convenience.

By leveraging ESOC services, executive protection teams and their principals can save time, enhance security, and increase convenience. 
While the wide range of ESOC’s technologies are sophisticated and specifically selected for their applicability, it is PFC’s human component that drives the department’s efficiency and customer satisfaction. PFC Safeguard’s ESOC analysts are highly trained and hail from a wide range of law enforcement and crisis risk management backgrounds. In addition to their unique skills and ESOC technical training, analysts are required to attend PFC Safeguard’s Protective Security Operations Certification (PSOC). The course is designed exclusively for private security professionals interested in learning the principals and procedures for modern executive protection and personal security of high net-worth or ‘at risk’ individuals. It is a five day/60-hour certification, recognized by multiple Federal Government, state, and corporate organizations, and is the only university-accredited protective services training program in the United States.

Our analysts are put through the course to develop a better understanding of the environments and unique challenges executive protection agents encounter in the field. It also serves as a foundational knowledge base to maximize effective collaboration between executive protection teams and ESOC analysts.

The Executive Security Operations Concierge is different than any GSOC service today. By focusing on a short client list, executive protection agents can liaise directly with ESOC analysts for service requests. A single call to ESOC can initiate a host of support and/or emergency services throughout North America and across the globe. 

ESOC Manager Aaron Arp:
We’re essentially closing the gap between executive protective agents and the specific, timely information and assistance they need. What we’ve seen in the past, and what we’ve seen other organizations do, is simultaneously blast information to multiple clients that may not be useful or even relevant to specific operations, and in doing so they become the ‘daily deletes’. Once that happens any information sent loses its urgency. We’re trying to avoid that by using a client-centric approach and delivering customized, concierge-level solutions for our clients and their EP teams.