Las Vegas, NV
21 Oct 2021

Keili Dorn

Executive Security Analyst

Keili Dorn brings an extensive understanding of geopolitics and international security operations as a result of her specified Bachelor of Science degree in Global Security and Intelligence Studies. She is a Certified Associate of Project Management and is well versed in business practices. She draws experience from working in the marketing, human resources, and the operations department for a highly rated aviation company that is dedicated to secure charter flights. Keili collaborated on threat and vulnerability assessments for two major international airports and other commercial companies while working with a structural engineering company, Thornton Tomasetti. Her knowledge of structural protective design and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPED) presents an ability to assess security infrastructure and vulnerabilities abroad or locally. Keili Dorn is also an avid athlete achieving the title of All-American in her collegiate cross-country running career.

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