PFC ESOC Articles

Covert Protection

Some work environments or public settings call for a “less is more” approach. PFC Safeguards provides plainclothes staff for companies and clients that desire a low visibility or undetected security presence.

Specially trained team members can serve as defensive observers and first responders who maintain a covert status until they’re required to act.

Cybersecurity Solutions

PFC Safeguards provides security management consulting and professional services to protect computers, networks, programs, and privacy. PFC’s team of experts possess extensive backgrounds in data protection for U.S. Government agencies responsible for National Security, Commerce, and Defense. Common cyber threats to individuals and businesses include unintended or unauthorized network access, tampering, disruption, or destruction. PFC’s solutions and Subject Matter Experts aim to address all cyber risks, threats, or attacks.

Company Event Security

PFC Safeguards provides high-level staff for corporate events, business conferences, and executive retreats requiring a subtle, professional, and smart security presence.

Security Agents are attired in a manner appropriate for the client’s environment and company culture with the intent of blending in but serving as a deterrent or taking action when required.