Travel Risk Assessments

Travel Risk Assessments (TRA) are essential tools that help clients travel safely and effectively. They provide knowledge of the less appealing aspects of travel as well as pre-trip familiarization with the locales.

Thorough research of the security and safety features of a destination is essential for safety and general awareness before traveling.

Seasoned security professionals in the region, in addition to open-source intelligence sources, provide distinct and realistic viewpoints to the evaluation.

• General Safety & Security
• Political Violence & Civil Unrest
• Terrorism
• Venue/Hotel Assessments
• Recent Events
• Significant Locations
• Infrastructure & Transportation
• Health & Immunizations
• Medical/Emergency Recommendations
• Natural Disasters
• Emergency Contacts

Travel Security Planning

When planning a foreign trip, the first and most important factor to consider is how much risk the destination presents to travelers.

The goal of a destination threat assessment is to determine an appropriate risk level assignment. Risk levels range from 1-5 with 1 being the lowest level of risk and 5 being the highest.

ESOC’s proprietary process combines objective and subjective evaluation criteria with a numerical grading system to produce a score. The resulting score dictates which risk level category is assigned. The risk level is used to initiate proper security planning and coordination.

Travel vendor vetting and pre-trip coordination.

Professional Security Driver and executive ground transportation selection and booking.

Regional Security Asset (Hot Contact) Management

In the event that a principal is traveling without a personal security team, a regional security asset, or “Hot Contact,” can be made available at their destination. The local contact is a valuable asset when the risk and threat profiles of the destination are low, but the principal would benefit from the assistance and local knowledge of a native language speaker.

Having a local expert in your corner can alleviate the stress, resolve issues as they arise and ensure you have a safe and productive trip.

On-call 24 hours per day
Local Knowledge & Advice
Facilitate Reservations
Travel Bookings
Enhance Networking & Business Development Opportunities

Foreign Travel Security Support & Consulting

• Regional, legal, political, and cultural awareness briefings

• Foreign travel safety and security awareness training

• Business and local customs briefings for executive travel

• Travel security technology procurement – Secure phones, clean devices, IT products, GPS trackers, and personal duress systems

• Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) insurance referrals, evaluation support, and case coordination

• Foreign language interpreter support

• Maritime security support and consulting

• Management of local-national Executive Protection Agents and Family Security Teams while on foreign travel

• Management of Protective Surveillance and Covert Protection Agents while on foreign travel

• Corporate Travel Security Program Policies & Procedures Development

Secure Concierge Support

24/7 Concierge team availability to provide current travel analysis for global luxury destinations. Providing, recommendations, reservations, recreational / business accommodations, and up to the minute threat assessments.

Whether private or commercial flights, causal to fine dining, sports to theater, the Secure Concierge Support arm of the ESOC can seamlessly facilitate balanced, safe, and unimpeded special event preparations. From planning, resourcing, and logistical integration from start to finish, Secure Concierge Support will ensure highly professional, discreet, and safe event execution for the most discriminating client.

With a bench of highly practiced global partners, we can recommend and accommodate global safe passage by most all means of travel to include but not limited to private jet, helicopter, and yacht charter coordination.

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