Protective Intelligence

Social media are interactive technologies that facilitate information sharing and can be valuable for near real-time information gathering on a person, event, organization, establishment, or movement. ESOC leverages a Protective Intelligence Platform that has proven to be an excellent tool for unifying real- time and historical data related to physical security threats. It also provides a central location for in-house workflows and team collaboration.

The remainder of the internet that has not been indexed by search engines. Generally, it is accepted that about 95% of the internet is the deep web, while about 5% of the internet is the surface web.

Social security numbers, bank records, home addresses, credit card statements; some of the types of information that can be bought and sold on the darknet. Using personally identifiable information (PII) we can identify if your personal information has been leaked, the extent of the exposure, the source of origin and an assessment of actual impact.

For high-net-worth clients, this service is crucial to identify vulnerabilities.

A POI is an individual that is of interest to the company, whether it is a former employee, a trespasser, or someone overly posting online.

Instead of creating a POI management program, clients can utilize ESOC’s software where
analysts can make a dedicated POI workspace specifically for the client that will be monitored daily.

Online Sensitive Information Removal (OSIR)

Data aggregator sites collect information through extended phone directories, social media sites, blogs, public records, and other sources. Public records collected from federal, state, and municipal offices can reveal a substantial amount of information about an individual.

Removing this sensitive personal information requires identifying the aggregator sites, removing information from those sites and limiting personal data available online.

Certified Expert Polygraph Examinations

Polygraph Examinations are officially known as Psychophysiological Detection of Deception (PDD) Tests. PFC retains the most experienced former FBI Polygraph Examiners.

Polygraph Examinations are essentially an investigative resource and tool that companies can utilize for investigative purposes when issues arise. The PDD can be utilized in several areas such as:

• Security Issues
• Internal Thefts
• Sexual Harassment
• HR Complaints
• Other Criminal Acts

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