Residential Vulnerability & Security Assessments

The first critical step in prevention focused residential security risk management is understanding the gaps in a residence’s physical and technical security.

Target hardening, root cause analysis, and a review of both the standard operating procedures and emergency action plans are all highlighted in the tailored assessment, which is founded on the concepts of crime prevention through enhanced environmental design and acceptable industry standards.

Tactical Security
Crisis Management
Physical Security
Operations Continuity
Disaster Preparedness

Executive Office Security Assessments

To stay safe while in a work environment, it is important to have a secure office space. ESOC will conduct a vulnerability assessment on the executive’s workplace and offer recommendations to ensure a safer work environment.

Experienced specialists can work around the executive work schedule to do an on- site assessment or photos can be sent to ESOC analysts for review. An on-site assessment will offer the best results for the client. Besides the executive office, ESOC can perform a wider site assessment of entire workplace.

• Security Cameras
• Emergency Action Plans
• Facade Security
• Alarms
• Entrances & Exits

Threat & Vulnerability Risk Assessments

Exposure does not always stop with the client. ESOC will evaluate all aspects of a client’s business and inner circle to identify vulnerabilities that may affect the client, family, and business.

These assessments can range from simple social media sweeps to in depth reports about the specific security concerns of a physical place of business. The ESOC staff will evaluate the risks according to the client’s primary interests and make all the information available in a detailed report outlining the findings. Based on these reports, ESOC staff can best guide the client to address or reinforce issues to help minimize exposure to the client.

• Establish baseline threat profile & security posture
• Identify assets, threats, and vulnerabilities
• Risk Analysis
• Development & Implementation Strategies

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