Special Event Risk Assessments

A Special Event can be any event that occurs outside the day-to-day operations of your department. Examples of Special Events include, but are not limited to fundraisers, program graduations and more.

Prior to a special event, ESOC analysts will investigate the risks associated with the venue, guest list, and vendors. Cultural sensitivities can also raise risk factors, especially if the event is held in a foreign country.

Hosting events usually cause an uptick in both positive and negative commentary surrounding a company. In some cases, the chatter can also indicate POI activity and pre-operational planning.

During an event, ESOC will actively monitor social media sites and record users, comments, and threat indicators. Severe threat indications are immediately relayed to event security.

Geofenced algorithmic social media monitoring
Pre-Event & Live Event Monitoring
Real-time alerts
Due Diligence Reporting
Venue/Accommodation Assessments
Person of Interest (POI) Monitoring/Reporting/Profiles
Sentiment Analysis & Metrics

Security Intelligence Reporting

Regional Intelligence Reports include information on a region of the client’s choosing. Information is specified based on the client’s needs and end goal. If the client is looking to start operations in a new area, analysts can review the local crime statistics, common scams, regional business practices, emergency response times, and any additional information requested by the client.

Alternatively, if the client is hosting an event in the region, our analysts will compile information on past events including the physical location of the event, the public outlook of the event, and any reported incidents.

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