Las Vegas, NV
17 Oct 2021

Travel Destination Risk Assessments

Travel Risk Assessments (TRA) are vital resources for executive protection teams and their clients to conduct a safe and productive journey. They offer insight into the less marketable side of travel and offer familiarization with destinations before the trip. Topics covered in an ESOC report include safety and security, civil unrest, terrorism, health, infrastructure, and recent incidents in the area. ESOC’s TRAs are customizable depending on the client’s needs and preferences. Risk assessments should change from client to client depending on the reason for their trip, itinerary items, age, and gender.

It is vital for safety and overall awareness to conduct rigorous searches into the safety and security aspects of a destination before traveling. Some travel destinations have elusive and sometimes non-existent crime data and that information needs to be found through a meticulous search. Beyond open-source intelligence sources, contacting experienced security professionals in the area offers unique and accurate perspectives to the assessment. PFC ESOC has an extensive global network of experts and officials in the U.S. Department of State to contact.

Every destination has a unique set of security risks, but most fall under the backdrop of safety and security, civil unrest, terrorism, health, and infrastructure concerns. The client needs to recognize the framework of threats so they can rely on their knowledge and training to identify the nature of any immediate threat they face. Knowledge of civil unrest and previous instances can change the outlook from a crowd gathering to viewing it as a potential protest or riot. Included into a search on safety and security concerns is kidnapping for ransom, an elevated threat for high net-worth clients, common scams, and other unique area threats that are essential to identify.

Every TRA utilizes a Location Risk Assessment Tool to assign a numerical value to the location as a guide for security professionals and clients. Also ranked for risk level are assassinations, kidnapping, civil unrest, crime, and terrorism for an easily digestible location risk information. Knowing the highest threats in the area will ensure the client is well prepared to handle that threat. TRAs include actionable steps to take to mitigate the threats, and if more informed training is needed, an additional report or training can be arranged through ESOC.

To make a TRA more valuable, itinerary information can enhance the report. Analysts can contact hotels, building managers, and airport officials. Risk differs between a business trip and a family trip. While it is difficult to generalize, activity risks will present unique threats past the overarching threats included in a report. Travel Risk Assessments are integral to make smart decisions while outside of the normal confines of daily life.

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